Monday, August 2, 2010

Religious Politics and a bit of Disrespect to Neo-Pagans

I came across an article today about Florida's State House campaigners. Normally, I'm not to interested in politics or politicians. However, the article by the self-proclaimed "Christian Humanist" Eric Guinta drew me in because of his first ever public political endorsement of a candidate because of their religious views. The candidate he is opposing is a Christian woman who had associations with the Red Hills Pagan Council that held a Sacred Geometry Event and with St. John Episcopal Church which the author refers to as "The Leon County Democratic Party at Prayer".

Here is an excerpt of Guinta's article...

"As a Christian humanist, I certainly do not disparage ancient and venerable non-Christian belief systems, but neo-paganism is deserving of no such respect (though their adherents certainly are, as human beings). Neo-paganism is a 19th-to-21st century revisionist construct that has nothing to do with historic "paganism" much less with the noblest exponents of pre-Christian mythology and philosophy. It's a hodge-podge of mindless superstition, anti-Christianity, and moral "non-judgmentalism" (i.e., moral indignation at the traditional moral teachings of Judeo-Christianity)."

Read Guinta's article in its entirety here.

Pentagram and Human by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa