Friday, September 17, 2010

Religious Realities Wins Blog Goddess Award

Today, Religious Realities received a special surprise through a facebook message. I was informed that The Blog Goddess Awards blog chose the Religious Realities blog to receive an award. The Blog Goddess Awards is a blog designed to single out and praise those the creators of the blog feel are inspirational by giving them an award that can be placed on their blog or website.

Religious Realities is a rather new blog that I created in the hopes of sharing Faiths from around the world. Sometimes there will be news filled with hope, inspiration and love. Yet, sometimes there may be controversial topics that show the fearful, tempestuous, and ugly sides of religion also.

You can read about why Religious Realities was chosen to be a recipient of The BLog Goddess Award here.

Remember this is "A Journey for All Faiths".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stephen Hawking Says No God Needed for Creation

El Capitan
Professor, Author and famed Physicist Stephen Hawking has written a non-fiction book due out this September in which he claims that no God is needed for creation to happen. The book called The Grand Design, expounds on Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity and dismisses Isaac Newton's idea that God was needed for creation since the universe could not be created out of chaos. Hawking's newest work combines M-Theory, Quantum Physics and The Big Bang theory in view of the "multi-verse" system in which we live.

Read More about Stephen Hawking Weighing in on Science vs. God in his new book and why he thinks we need to colonize space soon for the survival of the species.